Aaron is available to work at any given rehearsal, all day rehearsal or camp. He has a passion to work with any program that wants to raise the level of their members performance qualities, technical skills and overall show effectiveness. He can also help with your sound needs on how to amplify a percussion section and blend it with the marching voices indoors or on the field. These services are not limited to only programs that Aaron designs for.

Aaron has also become an active adjudicator. He has years of experience on the marching percussion caption for marching band and in the indoor activity with the General Effect and Performance/Music Analysis captions. He is great at early season feedback on what and how to make something better from an execution and design standpoint. He has also done his share of championship shows that demand disciplined number management.

In addition to his personal endeavors, Aaron helps to provide judges at Northern Nevada marching band shows and is the circuit coordinator for the NNIA (Northern Nevada Indoor Association) that hosts multiple local contests and the Northern Nevada Championships.

If you are interested in his expertise, act quickly because availability is limited. The earlier that dates and times are set up, the better. Please use the "contact" link above to find out cost and availability.