Indoor Winds Design

Composing & Arranging, Drill Design, Body Visual Design, and Sound Design.
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Composing & Arranging

We will provide a unique, fresh, and creative approach to music design. We voice with a variety of colors, textures, and can integrate sound FX. We can do original music or arrange something of your choosing (you must secure the permissions to arrange for any copyrighted material)

Drill Design

We will provide a unique, fresh, and creative approach to drill design. We keep in mind the incorporation of body visuals and will leave space for them to be utilized. We also pride ourselves on the appropriate staging of musical voices in relation to on-floor execution. We want to deliver a fully integrated visual design that also allows your music to be achieved at a high level without excessive listening demands.

Body Visual Design

Let us help take your show to the next level with modern body visuals! We record the teaching of count-by-count instructions and musical run-throughs of each phrase. We also provide the instructions written out for your reference. You can incorporate as much or as little into your show or use it as a springboard for your own ideas.

    Sound Design

    Let us modernize your program with synth patches/voicing, sound FX, or the incorporation of voice-overs. We can set-up a MainStage file with the specifics for your synthesizer or polish your production with sound FX.


      What's Included

      • High Quality E-Files (PDF, MP3, MP4, XML, Source Files)
      • Comprehensive Strategy 
      • Expert Consultation

      How it Works

      • You will receive a requirments sheet to fill out with your needs
      • We will provide custom tailored solutions based on the ensemble’s needs

      What's to Expect

      • On-time Delivery
      • Fully Customized Design
      • Seamless Experience

      Let's Work Together!

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